Leade Design Works


Leade Design Works, LLC strives to use thoughtful, intentional design to make a difference in the world.

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Brittany Carpenter

"We're not looking to be the next quick-fix design-o-matic service, but instead, to offer design developed intentionally, with brand, vision, voice and consumer relationship in mind. Whether from-scratch designs or a tweak of one your own, we want each project to be uniquely you."

Leade Design Works, LLC offers varying graphic design products and services to the business consumer. They take their skills, passion for creativity and love of philanthropy, to a small business model. Leade Design Works, LLC gives a portion of its profits to featured causes or organizations. The current organizations featured are causes that owner Brittany or team has taken an active role in some way whether as a volunteer, supporter, or staff. She encourages those she works with to turn their creative needs into support of worth-while causes, living by the philosophy, Design on Purpose, For a Purpose.



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